We launched Macarons - a chat roulette app for Slack

By Anna — May 11, 2022

Our second Slack app

After having published our first Slack app last year, we are happy to launch our newest app Macaron, a chat roulette app for Slack today!

Screenshot: Macarons Slack app in channel

Help your remote teams to socialize!

When teams work remotely or distributed, there is no chance to meet your co-workers on the hallway or at the coffee machine. But without the occasional off-work chat, it becomes hard to build up team spirit.

With Macarons you have regular virtual coffee breaks with random teammates. And unlike real hallway encounters, Macarons helps you start the conversation with built-in or custom icebreakers.

Just add the Macarons app to a Slack channel, and it will automatically pair off random members for having a (virtual) coffee. For each channel you can control how often and when chat lotteries happen, as well as how many people should be matched together.