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Wokabulary is a flash card learning app for iPhone, iPad and Mac.
As a digital vocabulary book, Wokabulary is a supplement to in-person language courses and to learning with language apps. Wokabulary support learning words of any language.

For ten years, Wokabulary has been in the charts of educational apps in the Apple App Store. A new version — fully in Swift and SwiftUI — will be released in late 2022.

Objective-C · Swift · AppKit · UIKit · StoreKit


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Tincta is a text editor for the Mac. The intuitive editor can be used to write everyday notes and texts, but also contains all the functionalities for professional programming and web design.

Tincta is an open source project and can be used for free. Furthermore, the software is open for further development and reuse by other developers.

Objective-C · AppKit · TextKit


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In all areas of work, decisions are important for the progress of projects and ideas. This is a particular challenge, and not just since increasing hybrid work models and globally operating teams. To make decisions collaboratively and to involve and inform everyone, we developed Loqbooq.

Loqbooq is a web application for easy and permanent logging and documentation of decisions in teams as well as with external partners and stakeholders. In order to integrate the decisions into the workflows and daily communication, there are also integrations for Slack and Webex in addition to the web app.

PHP · Laravel · AlpineJS · LiveWire · Slack API

Incipit Search

Incipit Search icon

Music search is an exciting field of research and development with different approaches. Above all, there is the question of annotation and encoding to make music searchable.

With IncipitSearch we have developed a portal for searching melodies in collections of classical music. It connects content from different music editions and libraries using metadata. The ontology “Schema.org” and the library standard “Plaine & Easie Code” serve as the underlying encoding to make the sheet music searchable. Notes are entered using a virtual keyboard or the encoding.

Developed as part of a research project at the Academy of Sciences and Literature.

PHP · JavaScript · Slim

Portal for NFDI4Culture

Portal for NFDI4Culture icon

Digitalization in science and research is taking place at many institutes and in various projects. The goal of the National Research Data Infrastructure, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is to bundle these different efforts.

Julius supported the development of an information portal for the Consortium for Research Data on Material and Immaterial Cultural Heritage (NFDI4Culture) with backend programming using TYPO3 and collaborated with a team of researchers and a digital agency.

PHP · TYPO3 · Slim

Digital source edition on the history of social policy

Digital source edition on the history of social policy icon

Scientific collections and sources are not only published as multi-volume works, but also as digital editions. This is also true for the source collection on the history of German social policy and the emergence of the German welfare state at the University of Kassel. Anna has realized a digital edition in collaboration with other researchers and developers.

Tasks: Data processing and encoding as well as frontend and backend development with XML/XSLT, PHP, TYPO3.



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Habit trackers help us keep track of our habits and “stick to it”. With UpMoji we have developed a tally counter app to track your own habits using emoji representation.

UpMoji is implemented completely in SwiftUI and is available for iPhone and iPad.

SwiftUI · Swift · CloudKit


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Team spirit is crucial to every work environment. But hybrid and remote teams don't meet accidentally at the coffee machine anymore. With Macarons we created a minimalistic coffee roulette app for Slack that automatically matches random team members for casual chat.

To get started, Macarons simply needs to be added to a Slack channel. Built-in ice breaker questions make for an easy conversation starter.

PHP · Laravel · Slack API · Tailwind CSS

Virtual tour through a UNESCO World Heritage cathedral

Virtual tour through a UNESCO World Heritage cathedral icon

To admire architecture and glorious buildings directly on site is the most beautiful experience. This is true for tourist trips, but also for science, when spatial impressions or arrangements are significant for the interpretation of sources and actions. However, it is not always possible to be on site. Therefore, we have developed a generic software for virtual tours through cultural heritage sites.

One implementation is a virtual tour through the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hildesheim Cathedral. The tour provides information about history and furnishings of the church. Developed in the context of a research project of the Academy of Sciences and Literature, the tour was also shown as part of a museum exhibition.

JavaScript · Three.js · TYPO3

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