Decision log Loqbooq launched

By Anna — June 12, 2021

Loqbooq – a decision log for teams

Loqbooq is a web app that lets you agree and commit to project decisions in your team. Decisions and the what, when and why are permanently recorded. So, Loqbooq serves both as a documentation tool and helps to keep even your long-running projects sustainable.

Screenshot of Loqbooq website and web app

Loqbooq is where your communication is

As we find it crucial to document decisions directly where they are made, Loqbooq does not only come as a standalone web app, but is also integrated into Slack. Just add Loqbooq to your channel and implement the documentation of decisions directly into your workflow!

Screenshot of Loqbooq Slack app

Read more about how Loqbooq works and try it out for free or have a look on how it works in this short video!