iOS and Mac Dev Delight #3

By Julius — January 13, 2022

Dear Readers!

Another week passed and we hope you were able to settle comfortably into the new year. At least Apple did not have problems doing so and just released an update for iOS and iPadOS, fixing security issues in HomeKit.

Otherwise maybe the new year is a good opportunity to re-focusing on keeping code clean and readable. A great starting point is the wonderful style guide from Ray Wenderlich, although it is optimized for displaying code in their online tutorials.

As always, we collected some highlights ranging from easy reads to getting into technical details and we hope you enjoy what we found.

Weekly Highlights

Ever wondered how to handle CloudKit Errors? There is quite a bunch of possible error codes. To understand them better, here is a post on Stack Overflow that discusses their meaning. If you have to handle them in your app (and you should), Apple provides some sample code that should you get started.

A few years ago it was just an afterthought but thankfully now Accessibility is a must for a well made and successful app. If you wonder how to get started or you just need a refresher, we found you a five parts series to get you up to speed.

SwiftUI is pretty neat but did you know you can create your own domain specific language like it? Result Builders have you covered and The.Swift.Dev has a nice introduction for them.

If you still occasionally work with projects using Cocoapods, probably need to set up Ruby and install some gems. Moncef Belyamani has a foolproof guide on how to do it without any hassle.

After the bombshell release of Playgrounds 4, many wondered if developing an app and publishing it on the App Store is really possible or at least somehow feasible. Luckily enough tried it out and wrote down the lessons learned.

Puh, that’s it for this week but do not worry, we'll have fresh content soon. In the meantime, try to remember five different errors out of the what feels like hundreds you could handle when using CloudKit 😁.

Have a great week!

Your Coding Friends, Anna, Gabriel, and Julius