iOS and Mac Dev Delight #7

By Julius — April 21, 2022

Dear Readers!

It's already the second half of April and time seems to rush by. This means there are a ton of new things to learn and even more in development. Instead of getting stressed out it's very important to prioritize and wisely choose how we spend and invest our time.

So, while we love to read up on ideas for Mac and iOS development, it's also important to sometimes just spend time outside of work related topics. Even more so since in Germany spring is in it's full glory right now 🌺. A good opportunity to enjoy the outside world is when installing a new version of Xcode, version 13.3 took almost 4 hours 🥺.

To enable you spending time wisely and maybe even outside we again hand-picked some worthy articles.

Here you go with our weekly highlights:

Krzysztof Zabłocki enables Hot Reloading in Swift 🤯

Cool features of LLDB's "po" command

Writing testable code when using SwiftUI

Crunching Data with Apple's TabularData framework

Publishing DocC Documentation as a Static Website on GitHub Pages

Have a great week!

Your Coding Friends, Anna, Gabriel, and Julius